Wheels of the World


Specialized in selling rims and wheels for all types of vehicles Wheels of the World is a large web business that really cares about what every car is wearing.


Rims and alloy wheels are among the most popular car accessories due to their proven performance in relation to the regular steel rims. To ensure a coherent development of this business, we created for them an e-commercial platform and an iPad/iPhone app store for their products and services. If you are looking to purchase alloy wheels than WoW is the perfect and safest place for that. The online shop offers full service package just with a few clicks. The website provides customers with clear information, pays attention to the market demands and renders the effortless possibility of online shopping, online paying and online planning for the assembling/mounting services. The hallmark of the website is the search function, which helps the visitor to easily search and match the right vehicle wheels.


WoW works to please its customers by offering them a complete expertise, wide-range support and rim purchase assistance. Our challenge was to build a functional and visual unity by integrating an online shop payment system module with a car gallery where the customers can select by brand and type of the vehicle the befitting rims for their cars. The “wheels” had to be put in motion also for the iPhone/iPad version, so we’ve worked to find a proper way to manage the limited memory resources and to optimize pieces of required information in order to keep the functionalities at their full capacity for a complete mobile satisfaction. The structure of the site is built as a showroom and these features give visitors the familiar feeling they were accustomed with.


- C#, native iOS - SQL Lite - .NET Framework 4.0 for webservices - Microsoft SQL 2008 Database - Augmented Reality