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Alba Tourism


The tourist potential of Alba County relies on places to visit, places more or less known, events and activities whose message will help improve communication between people and between different cultures, opening horizons for each individual.


Advanced CRM for digital resources maintenance, Innovative front-end website


Having a huge library with precious content is a big asset. Having to display it so that anyone can read it, generates the need of an advanced tool that can grab different document formats and structure int into an structured online database. Is not only that, but also the additional functions that allows administrators to interact with each other, assign tasks, verify progress and much more. The result is then displayed on the front website to create a complete overview for every potential tourist in search for more traveling adventures.


The richness of information that is valuable to the customer can be easily missed if it is not properly structured and easy to read and understand. The sampling of the most valuable visuals and documents into a structured format, using challenging advanced user interface was the goal of this project.


- Microsoft SQL Server
- HTML5/ JQuery