Banden HD Suite


This Online Sales Application is the perfect solution for businesses that are specialized in tires and wheels for all types of vehicles (such as cars, vans, trucks, agricultural and industrial vehicles),to provide growth in car service chain, and to get closer to potential customers.


Knowing everything about tires means also to put the knowledge at hand of the customers. The goal of our solution is to ensure this continuity. For that we had to meet the demands of clients by designing a 100% tailor-made e-commerce website with a complex online planning module that offers complete and peerless solutions.


The efficiency of the site is bullet proof for any business with fast market growth. The website speed is amazing comparing to the average loading time, the web pages are refreshed automatically and only when it is required, the time to load the page is extra fast. All these comfortable efficiencies are adjusted thus and so, because we know that when one is in the middle of an online bargain the environment of the trade has to be as friendly and as smooth as an engine purr. The project was a real quest and our goals were set high, the uppermost priority consisting in the creation of a complex infrastructure that could absorb all the information that they had in their ERP System.


We had a great deal of challenges. Starting with a rigorous analysis of the costumers’ needs and demands and simultaneously paying attention to the marvelous visual content we carefully built up, the appealing, structural and functional unity of the final product. Since the beginning we've focused on providing the best user experience possible by integrating all the structured modules, data bases and on-line services into a custom design meant to shape up a complete and complex interface. What we came up with is absolutely designed to spoil customers/subscribers. The Webshop is a multi-step still double-quick on-line module that provides a complete and simple to achieve solution for the car owners. Customers can buy, pay or plan everything on-line. This super-easy time saving circuit is possible thanks to the ultimate substructure and facilities that we’ve created and implemented for the this website. Comknow is offering evolutionary development and constant software product maintenance with the purpose of improving the performance of the website and in order to keep its standards high. Furthermore the product is provided with a high configurable CMS that allows our clients to publish, edit, modify or adapt content according to the freshest feedback they receive from their customers.


- .NET
- HTML5, JQuery
- iOS (native Objective C)
- Android