Drumfest.ro is the web platform that brings a community together and keeps it up to date with news, artists activities and performances and custom info to support the already viral event called "Drumfest". This inspirational festival, that takes place yearly, brings together people that share music, experiences, faith and art bringing more participants with each new edition.


The web platform aggregates useful information from different other web applications and share it for users in a fashionable way keeping people interested. The advanced integrated registration process gave a boost to the administration process before and during the event, keeping up with the demands raised from the increasing number of attenders.


Started as a Facebook campaign fro promoting the live event, the project soon brought the need of different media tools to support a stronger communication and reach of people. The identity has been born out the core ideas that initially gave life to this event and organically evolved into every of its component. The flag under which Drumfest people are gathering is having now a stronger and clearer message, stressing out the its values.


- HTML5 / JQuery