Every incoming call or sms generates money. Mobzoid is the application that pays for just using your phone as anyone regularly do. Find out, in real time, when a merchant wants to liquidate it's stock or when the last seat on a plane or a cruise is available. Get that for a special price. Have a coffee or a sweet pie from our merchants. They will be happy to offer you free gifts just to visit their shop and test their products.


Web Application and Adroid App design, UX, UI. Backend tools development, Android app development. We optimised the App- web interconnection and achitectured the process of adds displaying on specific target.


Ads displayed (custom and 3rd parties), synchronizing process for ads and user's data when users comes online, free stuff and discounts for apps users interfaced online with sellers


To bridge the DOT NET application to already built PHP modules.


Android, DOT NET MVC Framework