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Tyre Zone


With a circulation of over 100,000 copies, TyreZone, a periodical of The Alwaysbemobile Company available in both print and electronic format, is the only independent glossy magazine in Netherlands and Belgium designed for those who cannot imagine a world without mobility. Every four months, 150 pages full of vivid color images, well written news articles and exclusive interviews with local personalities are made to delight every car lover, to promote the newest products and services and, last but not least, to let us figure out what mechanical engineering really means.


The AlwaysBeMobile Company wanted us to create an electronic magazine with free online content so that their customers could have fun while reading it, the complexity of the Flash website delivering the same sensation as having the magazine in your own hands. Next, the iPad app idea came up instantly.


For the web, we opted to build the site in Flash so that the users would have the same satisfaction reading it on-line as reading it in the comfort of their own home. The experience on the iPad app equals this sensation. For such a satisfying effect and for the preservation of that comfortable feeling that any reader would like to try out when thumbing through/browsing a digital paper, we had to handle with care the complexity of printed resources that we had, especially when dealing with a limited hardware device as an iPad.


- Flash
- Asp.Net
- Native iOS