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Filadelfia Group


Filadelfia Group is a business formula that reunites under its name five different ever-growing companies. Tabita Tour, the eldest-born of the Filadelfia concern, has made its name in the transport and logistics business always keeping itself in the top of the Transylvanian transport companies. After that Filadelfia Construct, working in the domain of civil engineering, Filadelfia Marfa, established as a fast courier services business, and Filadelfia Turism have followed. Direktasig, an insurance agency opened on the 14th of December 2010, is the little brother of the concern.


Developing the concept of and identity of group formulas


Building a business identity requires an assumed identification with the client dreams and ideas. Good interaction, the ability of taking decisions and the creative strength are mandatory for succeeding in this domain. We live in a visual culture nowadays, so, to choose from a myriad of images the one that suits your client the best imply in the first place a real commitment. So, when a young burgeoning one hundred per cent Romanian company in search for a new image required for our help and knowledge we were one hundred per cent ready to engage. We got involved in this broad project as a team of identity builders and we came up with a sound package of concepts. ”Ole”, ”Make a wish” or ”Longing for my Country” are just a few witty tags specially conceived in our identity factor for some of the most vivid Filadelfia Turism advertising campaigns. More by token, we offered them a tailor-made website for their latest business idea, Direktasign insurance agency and, as a complete identity solution, we proposed them a complete set of unitary logos to match every company under the Filadelfia Group formula.


Companies under the Filadelfia group umbrella have something in common: they are working on great business strategies and they are maintaining an open mind on groundbreaking ideas. They put their trust in our knowledge, so we worked without restrictions and with high hopes. We brought our know how and fully customized their identity with publicity campaigns, flyers, banners, motto's. We also focused on decorating their busses, bringing a clear concept to their business, concept that can evolve in time with his owner.


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