Communication know-how

ComKnow has started as a Romanian-Dutch company having the goal of providing outstanding concepts for any business challenge in communication and Information Technology area. One of the most important Logistic leaders in European market, Alwaysbemobile decided to combine its strength and resources with eastern software skills and professional enthusiasm. It turned into a fruitful mix between Romanian potential and Dutch structure. ComKnow has become a strong unit in a short time combining the work with trust, friendship and talent.

Our history


Building the world to perfection

With Comknow, building the world around is fun and colorful. Joining the community, you will master the great art of pursuing dreams and the precious craft of painting bright ideas in vivid realities.

We dream simple solutions. We cherish great ideas. Making things work requires both passion and knowledge. For us every color is the main color. Pick yours and enjoy our blazing carousel.

Bank of


Our currency is people. We value them the most. Either is about our clients or employees, our investment go into the human factor. It pays back trust, high work quality, efficiency, enthusiasm and good will.



Concepts can be forged out only in such a way that the thrilling ideas heat them up, and the exquisite knowledge cools them down. Results are bright and sharp as a samurai sword.


The future in phrazes

As a company we like to give our customers the most operative ways to solve their problems. In order to reach this objective we have a unique approach to each of our client needs with a hearty understanding and using the most innovative technology.


World of Fun

Play as we work

As a community we believe that people can work better in a warm, friendly environment. We like to say that our ground is a playground, because we know that the best ideas come out of fun. The way people move inside, interact and create, reflects the quality of the content of products.