We grow genius seeds

We love nature with all its unpredictable things, originality, freshness, power and struggle for survival. When it comes to our garden we want to grow those trees that will become strong as individuals,
as well as adding up value to mother forest. Investing lot of attention, love and caring, special treatment, will eventually lead to amazing results. We put water and God makes it grow.
Our people are the forest, because they grow roots before they grow leaves. They know that being anchored in a strong & healthy soil is the first condition for bearing the best fruits.
Ovidiu Lazurca
<strong>Ovidiu</strong> Lazurca
Alexandra Pintilie
<strong>Alexandra</strong> Pintilie
Cristi Tirau
<strong>Cristi</strong> Tirau
Nicu Cioara
<strong>Nicu</strong> Cioara

Happiness is a word too heavy for the wicked hearted

You can’t always choose the person that sits next to you. Either you are watching a movie at the cinema, taking a ride in a tram or waiting to get your cash in front of an ATM. If it comes to your job, you’re going to spend your life near people that shares the same office with you. So, is not about having them like you, but rather being transparent to eventually get connected, build friendship, trust, loyalty, respect. And then start sharing your life moments, dreams and ambitions and half of a sandwich.

Bogdan Pralea
<strong>Bogdan</strong> Pralea
Mihai Pop
<strong>Mihai</strong> Pop
Carmen Popovici
<strong>Carmen</strong> Popovici
Marian Somfelean
<strong>Marian</strong> Somfelean
Sergiu Somfelean
<strong>Sergiu</strong> Somfelean
Cristi Cristea
<strong>Cristi</strong> Cristea
Radu Serban
<strong>Radu</strong> Serban

At Comknow people come first, then the machines

Having the best gear gives confidence, ambition, and thirst for completion. If you are facing tough competitors, you need to even them in technology. We want our people to be sustained by the best machines and their cut of the edge features. But eventually, people are making the code, not the machines, so having the finest people can successfully even any challenging situation.

Ioan Scridon
<strong>Ioan</strong> Scridon
Iulia Marcu
<strong>Iulia</strong> Marcu
Nandor Crisan
<strong>Nandor</strong> Crisan
Adela Toderici
<strong>Adela</strong> Toderici

We connect each other as family, no one is left behind

Family is a ”big” word. But we use it very much. Either is about own individual family or our other family, Comknow. We play, we eat, we work, we dance, we cry and all these build us more together and make us difficult to separate.

Dani Costiniuc
<strong>Dani</strong> Costiniuc