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Lowvo - The Ultimate Sales Tool


Hello tablet, goodbye clipboard! With LowVo you can experience the very latest advances in tablet based App solutions in the palm of your hand. Sketch and manipulate existing floor plan designs, incorporate pictures into your proposals, advanced sales data reporting, in-field proposal and payment acceptance.


Development of the iPad applicaton and the Management Tool Portal


With LowVo all companies utilizing its capabilities will now experience the following: Increase closing ratios for sales/ Provide the fastest proposal turn around time/ Enable the most accurate bids possible/ Increase profit margins with more precise data


Our goal for LowVo was to create a new standard and level of excellence within the low voltage industries by providing a state-of-the-art, and user-friendly solution. The result is a complex iPad App, that expose an exhaustive list of features, so carefully implemented, to support the hardware limitations of a mobile device.


- Native IOS
- SQL Lite
- .NET Framework
- MS SQL Server